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List of Competitors 2017


Ackland Jonathan Dinas Powis   Giles Neil Dinas Powis   Minet Nicky Merthyr West End
Ackland Mike Dinas Powis   Gittings Tony Dinas Powis      
Bann Andre Cardigan   Goss Mal Ogmore Vale   Newman Mal Barry Romilly
Bailey Paul Ely Vally         Osborne Richard Whitchurch Hospital
Bartlett John Penylan   Grant Robert Penarth Rectory Road   Parker Dave Penylan
      Green Creighton Penylan   Phillips Rhodri Barry Athletic
Boundford Adam Ely Vally   Griffiths Ben Dinas Powis   Prosser Mike Dinas Powis
Breen Jack Harlequins         Rand Reg Ynysyngharad
Burton Charles Penarth Windsor   Griffiths Gareth Dinas Powis   Rees Alan Sully
Cable P Whitchurch Hospital   Harding Mark Penylan   Rees Colin Merthyr West End
Cannon Tommy Ynysybwl   Harrison Mike Ely Valley   Rees Dean Dinas Powis
Clarke Martin Barry Athletic   Hart Mike Penylan   Rennie Ian Penylan
Clarke Nick Penylan   Harvey Andrew Dinas Powis      
Coles Jeff Barry Romilly   Higgins Paul Rhiwbina   Rogers Peter Barry Athletic
Coles Joe Dinas Powis   Hill Shane Porthcawl   Russell Roger St Fagans
Collett Neil Merthyr West End   Hodges Alun Dinas Powis   Sage Brian Whitchurch
Cowling Richard Barry Athletic   Hoskins Jim Bridgend   Saunders Mark Ely Valley
Curtis Dave Sully   Hotchkiss Doug Sully   Seaford John Jr Cardiff BC
Davies Simon BSC Landore   Hudson Rod Penarth Windsor   Simpson Paul Cardiff BC
Delnevo Mason Whitchurch   Hurcom Tim Dinas Powis   Smith Christian Penylan
Driscoll Mark Kidwell   Iles Luke Penygraig   Swannick Paul Barry Romilly
Duffy Gary Cardiff   Ireland Dave Dinas Powis   Thomas Glyn Barry Athletic
Duggan Paul Cross Keys   Janes Ritchie Penylan   Thomas Malcolm Belle Vue
Durham Chris Unattached   John Liam Cardiff BC   Trepleton George St Josephs
Eldridge Christian Whitchurch   Jones Dilwyn Skewen   Turner Darren St Fagans
Eldridge Norman Whitchurch   Letman Mark Penylan   Vaughan Mike Barry Athletic
Evans Jonathon Merthyr West End   Letman Wayne Penylan   Vowles David Dinas Powis
Farrell Callum Gilfachgoch   Lewis Ross Penylan   Western Ashley Ely Valley
Fitzjohn Richard Belle Vue   Lloyd-Jones Mike Penarth Windsor   Woodcock Matthew Penarth Windsor
Fletcher Rowland Barry Athletic   Marks Paul Dinas Powis   Wright Chris Barry Athletic
Gershenson Matthew Dinas Powis   Maycock Craig Merthyr West End   Wright Dave Barry Athletic
      McLeod Ken Penarth Windsor   Wright Jeff Barry Romilly