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Men’s Open Singles Championship of Wales 2013

Held at Dinas Powis Bowling Club


Friday 24th May to Friday 31st May.



The Draw 2013


Preliminary Rounds 1 to 13                                                                              back to tournament 2013                       





Prelim 1                                                

D Wright   v    R Phillips 

      D Wright        

Prelim 2

T Gittins    v    M Smith

      M Smith

Prelim 3

R Janes      v    F Phillips

      R Janes

Prelim 4

M Thomas  v   C Durham  

     C Durham

Prelim 5

P Marks      v    M Hart

     M Hart

Prelim 6

G Thomas  v    P Critcher

     P Critcher

Prelim 7

C Bates      v    I Rennie

     I Rennie

Prelim 8

B Griffiths  v   L Peters

     B Griffiths

Prelim 9

M Jones     v     D Parker

      D Parker

Prelim 10

L Flew        v    B Sage

      B Sage

Prelim 11

S Coughlin  v   W Creed

     W Creed

Prelim 12

D Medlam    v    R Rand

      R Rand

Prelim 13

C Ackland     v    C Best

     C Best