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Domestic Competitions 2013

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 Men's Handicap  


Fri 14th July

Fri 2nd August

Fri 16th August

Fri 30th August


P Critcher  0

 T Hurcom

 G Leach

 C Todd


T Hurcom  +3

R Fear  +7

 G Leach

G Leach  +5

C Todd  0

C Todd 

 C Todd

H Lamont  +7 

N Giles  +2

N Giles

D Ireland  +2

C Ackland  0

C Ackland 

 A Locker

 C Parsons

J Ackland  +3

D Parker  +1

 A Locker

A Locker  +3

J Coles  +5

 J Coles

 C Parsons

B Griffiths  +3

P Marks  +2

 C Parsons

C Parsons  +1