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Dinas Powis 1st team got their Private Greens (PG) One season underway yesterday 7th June, with a home fixture against Aberdare Harlequins. Following torrential early morning rain and a late morning inspection, the green was passed fit, and play got underway in pleasant and balmy conditions.

With optimism high, Dinas got off to a good start and largely courtesy of a very positive opening from Mike Ackland's rink after seven ends they held a narrow four shot 27-23 advantage.

The Harlequins however were very much in the game and over the middle third, despite a continued strong showing from Ackland's rink, were able to wrest the initiative from the home side, overturn the deficit and establish a 10 shot lead, at 59-49.   

Dinas dug in and fought back, and with 19 ends played the game was very much in the balance with only two shots separating the teams and all to play for. Sadly the dropping of five shots on the last end on Alex Meddins rink had a damaging effect and the home side slipped to a narrow and disappointing 78-83 five shot defeat.

D.Parker, J.Ackland, C.Ackland, M.Ackland  (33-12)                              C.Parsons, A.Harvey, R.Cowling, C.Blake  (13-27)                                H.Meddins, C.Scott, C.Todd, A.Meddins  (18-23)                                   D.Vowles, M.Edwards, G.Griffiths, R.Janes  (14-21)


In the reverse fixture, the PG2 side travelled up to Aberdare and with both teams struggling to raise a full team a 14 a side match ensued, with Dinas delighted to welcome new bowler John Fallon into their ranks. Despite some bright, but misplaced, early promise from Alun Jones' three man rink, the fact the sun shone all afternoon was the only silver lining to be found in an afternoon Capt Paul Marks will have been glad he missed, with the team making the long trek back home following a resounding 50-119 defeat. 

D.James, J.Fallon, D.Ireland, N.Giles  (11-32)                                        M.Diment, H.Lamont, G.Parr, C.Bates  (17-22)                                                 R.Diment, T.hurcom, A.Desrosiers  (7-37)                                               J.Coles, M.Smith, A.Jones  (15-28)