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The midweek Munro Cup team ventured to Windsor on Wednesday 16th July and in coming away with a narrow victory, not only defeated the current league leaders, but also recorded their seventh straight victory into the bargain.

Dinas got off to an inauspicious start, with only 15 players, and it was only after two ends, when Gerry White turned up to watch, that he was drafted in so they had a full complement. It was also a slow start on the green and after six ends Windsor had moved into a 25-16 nine shot lead. At this early stage Alun Jones' rink were struggling, trailing 2-14 to Ken McLeod's rink.

Over the middle third of the game things didn't really improve. McLeod stretched his lead to 17, Windsor moved 16 shots in front and at this stage the only comfort Dinas could find was in Captain Paul Marks' rink holding an eight shot (12-4) advantage, and Ritchie Janes being in a tight battle with ex Dinas team-mate Matthew Woodcock.    

Unexpectedly however over the last six ends the tide then dramatically turned. Jones' rink arrested the slide and were able to pull back three shots, Marks' rink won five of their last six ends to add nine shots, and Ritchie Janes' rink, not only matched that, but stormed home adding 11 shots.

With players mental arithmetic being fully tested the final reckoning was a narrow one shot, 59-58 victory to Dinas, who over the last six ends had managed to over turn a 16 shot deficit to record a fantastic win, to move them closer to the league leaders.

J.Coles, R.Diment, M.Seaford, R.Janes  (20-10)                                          D.Parker, G.Leach, J.Porter, A.Jones  (11-25)                                     D.James,G.White, C.Bates, N.Giles,  (6-18)                                                 J.Ackland, T.Gittings, A.Locker, P.Marks  (22-5)