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With two re-arranged matches to fit in it was a hectic four games in eight days for the PG2's with fixtures on both Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday 6th July they travelled up the Rhondda to face Ystradfechan in confident mood, having won the corresponding fixture earlier in the season by some 40 shots. With resources limited Dinas included new bowler Graham Duggan, on debut, & were pleased to see the return of the more familiar face of Peter Clee after a number of years absence. Sadly despite their contributions the Dinas confidence was misplaced. 

Andre Desrosiers rink recovered from an early eight shot deficit to post a five shot win with Paul Marks rink also battling to a three shot victory. Whilst able to call upon the vast experience of both Charles Reynolds and Dave Ireland unfortunately Chris Bates' rink fell to a resounding 22 shot defeat, and with that went both the match and the PG2's unbeaten start to the season.  

M.Diment, G.Leach, T.Hurcom, A.Desrosiers  (21-16)                                 J.Ackland, R.Diment, A.Locker, P.Marks  (18-15)                               J.Coles, P.Clee, M.Seaford, N.Giles  (15-20)                                               C.Reynolds, G.Duggan, D.Ireland, C.Bates (5-27)   


Twenty four hours later, Sunday 7th July, Dinas entertained Merthyr West End in what was always going to be a tough encounter, Dinas having won the reverse fixture by the narrowest one shot margin. With player unavailability hitting hard a much changed team were grateful to see Tony Gittings 'guesting' to make up the four rinks.

Against a somewhat 'strengthened' MWE team, and notwithstanding an improved showing, with three of the four rinks closely fought, the team slipped to an 11 shot defeat.

This time it was the turn of Neil Giles' rink to come from behind, with a late rally to post a three shot win, with Chris Scott's rink only denied victory after dropping one shot on the last end and having to settle for a 17-17 draw. 

D.James, T.Gittings, M.Seaford, N.Giles  (21-18)                                          G.Parr, L.Cullen, T.Hurcom, C.Scott  (17-17)                                   J.Coles, G.Duggan, C.Bates, J.Porter  (13-18)                                              J.Ackland, R.Diment, D.Parker, P.Marks  (16-25)


Last Saturday, 13th July, saw a tough trip to Whitchurch to face a side who regularly compete at the top end of the Division. With resources again hit Dinas were no match for their hosts and whilst Chris Bates rink battled hard for a well earned point in a 22-22 draw and Andre Desrosiers rink narrowly losing by three shots the remaining two rinks went down heavily as Dinas plummeted to a 40 shot defeat.

G.Leach, R.Fear, D.Ireland, C.Bates  (22-22)                                                   M.Diment, R.Diment, C.Durham, A.Desrosiers  (17-20)                                   C.Reynolds, R.Davies, A.Locker, P.Marks  (13-29)                                           J.Coles, T.Gittings, M.Seaford, N.Giles  (8-29)


With three defeats on the spin, confidence low and one player short of a full complement the team travelled to play Guest Memorial on Sunday 14th July.

Quite what Captain Marks said to inspire his team is anyone's guess but inspired they were as they swept to a 94-55 shot and 14 point victory.

Marks and his rink led the way with Ron Diment inspirational at third to romp home 33-7, but pride of place went to the three handed rink of Les Cullen, Dave Parker and Chris Bates who had a fantastic second half to their game to win 28-16, rounded down to 21-16

A fantastic team effort. 

J. Ackland, G.Griffiths, R.Diment, P.Marks  (33-7)                                            B.Griffiths, R.Fear, M.Seaford, N.Giles  (20-15)                                      J.Coles, C.Reynolds, D.Ireland, C.Scott  (20-17)                                             L.Cullen, D.Parker, C.Bates  (21-16)