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History of the Dinas Powis Bowling Club 1906 - 2006


The Club shares its origin with the Dinas Powis Tennis Club, the joint name being used in 1907; though bowls had been played in 1906, and Welsh Bowling Association records show internationals from Dinas Powis in 1904. The first photographic record of the existance of the clubhouse and green was taken in 1907.

Because it had its own clubhouse the Club was able to host the Men's Open Singles Championship of Wales in 1908. Except for the two World wars it has done so annually with great success ever since, making the Champioship not only the friendliest, but also the premier Open Tournament in Wales . Until 1975 only two Club players had won it, but several have been crowned champions since.
After World War 1 and the death in 1922 of General Lee(landowner and President of both Tennis and Bowling Clubs), Messrs TP Thomas and IB Thomas, along with a number of prominent villagers,broke with the Tennis Club to form an independent Bowls Club. The green was re-laid for the princely sum of £525. This seems expensive, especially as the Club only had a 21 year lease; It only cost £685 to re-lay it in 1947.
1922 started the the long reign of Sir Ivor Thomas who underpinned the Club financially and ran it , first as Secretary and than as President. Not only did he support and promote bowls at club level but he also played a prominent role in the WBA .(President in 1928). and internationally as President of the International Bowls Association for 17 years.


               Earliest picture of Clubhouse and green 1907                                                                              Original design of Club Lapel Badge


During World War Two the clubhouse was used as HQ for the local Home Guard. Throughout the period the green was open for play and friendly matches. In 1944, with the end of the war in sight, C Burns presented the Club with the Championship Cup and RE Morel with the silver trophy cup for the Welsh Open Men's Singles Championship,neither of which can be won outright.

In 1954 the Club bought its freehold for £250, which was just as well for when Sir Ivor died in 1955 there was considerable upheaval and disentanglement required, due to his close control and financial backing. After this the Club had a relatively quiet period, though it was involved in founding the Vale of Glamorgan County Bowling Association, and owed its subsequent success to the support and effort of less prominent villagers. Many of us were newcomers to the village, reflecting its changes and urbanisation.
In the 1980's the Club as a whole became more successful at playing and more active in the organisation and running of the game. In 1985 and 1986 the Club won the Curruthers Shield(Welsh Club Championship), only the second club to do so in successive years, and won again in 1997. For the past few years the Club has been the de facto home green of the Vale of Glamorgan County Bowling Side which won the 1999 Welsh County Championship.

As a small private club we rely heavily on the committment, work and effort of our members, both men and ladies who now have full and equal membership status. It is this support, the growing achievements of of our ladies and the increasing involvement of our younger players in the running of the Club makes us confident that the Club will continue for the next 100 years......


                             The Clubhouse Today