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(Game 7) Wednesday 27th June 2018 vs. Cowbridge BC (Away) ~ Lost 56-67 (3pts)  
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
Dave Parker     Neil Williams     Tony Gittings     Andy Locker  
Mark Diment     Gerry White      Roy Greatrex     Gwyn Leach  
Jonathan Ackland 18-14    Andrew Harvey 16-16    John Manfield 14-20    John Rice 8-17 
Matthew Gershenson Won    Mike Prosser Draw    Paul Marks Lost    Alun Jones Lost 
(Game 6) Wednesday 20th June 2018 vs. Sully BC (Home) ~ Lost 62-66 (4pts)  
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
Chris Daw     Mark Diment     John Follon     Tony Gittings  
Rex Greatrex     Gwyn Leach     Neil Giles     Neil Williams  
Jonathan Ackland 19-13    Crayton Green 17-21    Dave Parker 17-12    Andy Locker 9-20 
Matthew Gershenson Won    Gerry White Lost    Paul Marks Won    Alun Jones Lost 
(Game 5) Wednesday 13th June 2018 vs. Penarth (Belle Vue) BC (Home) ~ Won 81-48 (10pts)  
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
Tony Gittings     Chris Daw     John Follon     Mark Diment  
Rex Greatrex     Crayton Green     Neil Williams     Gwyn Leach  
Gareth Brittain 17-19   Neil Giles 15-8   John Rice 35-6   John Manfield 14-15
Matthew Gershenson Lost   Gerry White Won   Dave Parker Won   Alun Jones Lost
(Game 4) Wednsday 6th June 2018 vs. The Murch BC (Away) ~ Won 79-37 (12pts)  
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
Dave Parker     Chris Daw     Tony Gittings     Martin Seaford  
Rex Greatrex     Neil Williams     Phil Hanley     John Follon  
Gerry White 26-5    Neil Giles 20-9    John Rice 12-14    Andy Locker 21-9 
Matthew Gershenson Won    Paul Marks Won    Ritchie Janes Lost    Alun Jones Won 
(Game 3) Wednesday 23rd May 2018 vs. Sully Sports BC (Home) ~ Won 81-40 (12pts)         
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
John Follon      Neil Willams      Chris Daw      Tony Gittings   
Neil Giles      Phil Hanley      Gwyn Leach      Ciaran Leaden   
Jonathan Ackland  13-15    John Manfield  14-9    Chris Bates  33-5    Martin Seaford 21-11 
Matthew Gershenson Lost    Paul Marks  Won    Ritchie Janes  Won    Alun Jones Won 
(Game 2) Wednesday 16th May 2018 vs. Cadoxton BC (Away) ~ Won 73-55 (11pts)  
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
John Follon     Tony Gittings     Neil Williams     Martin Seaford  
Rex Greatrex     Gwyn Leach     Chris Daw     Phil Hanley  
Jonathan Ackland 32-12    Dave Parker 13-13    John Rice 16-11   John Manfield 12-19 
Matthew Gershenson Won    Gerry White Draw    Chris Bates Won    Alun Jones Lost 
(Game 1) Wednesday 9th May 2018 vs. Llantwit Major BC (Away) ~ Lost 67-81 (4pts)  
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
Chris Daw     John Rice     Martin Seaford     Neil Williams  
Ciaran Leaden     Gwyn Leach     John Follon     Phil Hanley  
Gareth Brittain 11-23   Jon Ackland 18-11   Chris Bates 33-12   Rob Grant 5-35
Matthew Gershenson Lost   Paul Marks Won   Ritchie Janes Won   Alun Jones Lost