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(Game 8) Saturday 29th June 2019 vs. Guest Memorial BC 2nds (Away) ~  
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
Rex Greatrex     Neil Williams     Mark Diment     David James  
Graham Duggan     Hector Lamont     Ron Diment     Crayton Green  
Andre Desrosier     Neil Giles     Roger Russell     Andy Locker  
Alun Jones     Tim Hurcom     Paul Marks     Chris Bates  
(Game 7) Saturday 22nd June 2019 vs. Barry Athletic BC 2nds (Home) ~ Won 83-69 (12pts)  
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
Rex Greatrex     Neil Williams     Cieran Leaden     David James  
Hector Lamont     Neil Giles     Roger Russell     Andy Locker  
Crayton Green 15-22    Alun Jones 17-16    John Manfield 28-15    Chris Bates 23-16 
Andre Desrosier Lost    Tim Hurcom Won    David Vowles Won    Elgan Evans Won 
(Game 6) Saturday 15th June 2019 vs. Aberdare Harlequins BC 2nds (Away) ~ Lost 63-78 (2pts)  
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
Neil Williams     David James     Cieran Leaden     Andy Locker  
Hector Lamont     Rex Greatrex     Roger Russell     Graham Duggan  
Neil Giles 13-17    Alun Jones 20-16    John Manfield 13-19    Elgan Evans 17-26 
Andre Desrosier Lost    Dave Parker Won    David Vowles Lost    Chris Bates Lost 
(Game 5) Saturday 8th June 2019 vs. Penylan BC 2nds (Home) ~ Lost 67-87 (4pts)  
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
Ceiran Leaden     Neil Williams      Tony Gittings     David James  
Philip Hanley     Ron Diment     Roger Russell     Hector Lamont  
Mark Hughes  12-21    Rex Greatrex 12-29    John Manfield 21-17    Elgan Evans  22-20 
Neil Giles Lost    Alun Jones Lost    Peter Critcher Won    Chris Bates Won 
(Game 4) Saturday 1st June 2019 vs. Ystradfechan BC 2nds (Away) ~ Lost 55-81 (2pts)     * Adjusted as only 3 players      
Rink 1      Rink 2      Rink 3      Rink 4   
 ----------      ----------      ----------     David James  
Ceiran Leaden     Neil Williams     Martin Seaford     Hector Lamont  
Neil Giles 17-28   Rex Greatrex 15-14   John Manfield 28-12   Hugh Meddins 10-27
Andre Desrosier Lost   Alun Jones Lost   Tim Hurcom Won   Chris Bates Lost
* 12.75-28   * 11.25-14   * 21-12      
(Game 3) Saturday 25th May 2019 vs. Merthyr West End BC 2nds (Home) ~ Lost 53-83 (2pts)  
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
David James     Andy Locker     Tony Gittings     Jeff Coles  
Neil Williams     Hector Lamont     Ron Diment     Ceiran Leaden  
Neil Giles 13-18   Rex Greatrex 10-18   Mike Edwards 20-18   Martin Seaford 10-29
Andre Desrosier Lost   Alun Jones Lost   Hugh Meddins Won   Peter Critcher Lost
(Game 2) Saturday 4th May 2019 vs. Whitchurch BC 2nds (Away) ~ Won 87-69 (12pts)  
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
Jeff Coles     Neil Williams     Martin Seaford     David James  
Neil Giles     Ron Diment     Tony Gittings     Hector Lamont  
Rex Greatrex 22-16    Hugh Meddins 19-22    John Manfield 19-15    Alun Jones 27-16 
Andre Desrosier Won    Alun Hodges Lost    Tim Hurcom Won    Chris Bates Won 
(Game 1) Saturday 27th April 2019 vs. St. Josephs BC 2nds (Home) ~ Lost 63-75 (4pts)          
Rink 1     Rink 2     Rink 3     Rink 4  
Jeff Coles     Andy Locker     Martin Seaford     Tony Gittings  
Ron Diment     David James     Hector Lamont     Philip Hanley  
Neil Giles 22-14   Rex Greatrex 11-18   John Manfield 22-15   Tim Hurcom 8-28
Andre Desrosier Won   Alun Jones Lost    * 3 hander rink for Won   Chris Bates Lost
            both teams